Status Advisors Referral Program
Frequently Asked Questions

Program Information

Currently the Referral Program is open to individuals through invite only.  Individuals that have decided to join the program are eligible to participate and receive rewards.

After you’ve joined the Status Advisors Referral Program, you’ll receive a unique Referral Code and promotions to offer your referrals.  Referrals that sign up with your Referral Code will be linked to your account. They will have the option to apply one of your promotions when they request their consultation. You will be eligible for payments once your referrals has received and paid for one of our continued service offerings. Once you are eligible for payment, you will receive an email notification to fill out your payment request form. 

You can refer any individual or business that has not previously received a specific service offering from Status Advisors.

New customers to Status Advisors who have not previously received services are eligible as a potential referral. You are eligible to receive reward payments for your referred customer, and you can earn rewards for any new customer per calendar year.

Your Referral Code can be found in the welcome email you received after registering for the program. The email was sent from Status Advisors ( and you should receive it within 24 hours.

If you can’t find your welcome email, please check your spam or junk folders. You can also Contact Us with the email address you signed up with if you still can’t find your Referral Code.

As a member of the Status Advisors Referral Program, you can earn for every new customer that pays for one of our services. When a customer uses your unique Referral Code, you’ll receive $50 (minimum for a personal income tax return plan) or $150 (minimum for either a business income tax return or bookkeeping plan).

Customers are the individuals or businesses that have purchased eligible services from Status Advisors. They are distinguished by each service purchased. For example, your referrals John Smith and Jane Smith purchased an individual income tax return (you would be paid $50). Additionally, John Smith owns a small business and he purchased a monthly bookkeeping plan (you would be eligible to receive an additional $150). For bookkeeping plans, your referral reward amounts will be determined by customers who have paid for at least 90 days.

Service Offering Descriptions:
Individual income tax return – preparation of an individual(s) personal income tax return(s) (federal and applicable states). $50 Reward.
Business income tax return – preparation of a business(es) entity income tax return(s) (federal and applicable states). $50 Reward.
Business bookkeeping – monthly financial record keeping and accounting services provided to a small businesses. $150 Reward

We’ll send emails that will include the status of your referrals. This email displays the number of:

1. Referrals that have signed up and participated in a free consultation (referrals who have scheduled a consultation meeting)
2. Potential Paid Referrals: Eligible referrals who have completed their free consultation. These referrals may have also used your promotions, but yet paid for services from Status Advisors.
3. Paid Referrals: Referrals that paid for services they’ve received from Status Advisors. After a referral converts into a paid referral, look out for an email from Status Advisors so we can coordinate sending your referral reward.

If you have questions on the number of referrals you have, you can send us a message and we can provide additional information.

We’re unable to track referrals back to your account if they did not use your Referral Code at the time they signed up.

The Referral Program tracks referrals that are new customers of Status Advisors. We cannot grant referral credits to customers who have signed up or started receiving services before the program launched or before you joined.

Promotional Offerings

If you provide a promotional discount to one of your referrals, he/she is entitled to a free consultation for either personal incomes taxes, business income taxes or their bookkeeping needs.  Your referrals can use their promotional discount during the scheduling process for the services they’re seeking.

Your referral will use their promotional discount when they are scheduling their free consultation with Status Advisors.

You will receive five promotional discounts per service (individual tax, business tax and bookkeeping plans).  You can provide these promotional discounts to potential referrals and have the ability to earn more after the referrals have become a paid customers of Status Advisors.

Your referral can use the promotional discount as long as they have not paid for services.


You will be eligible for your payment once your referral has become a paid customer of Status Advisors (upon payment for individual income tax returns and after payment of at least 90 days for monthly business bookkeeping plans).

Once you’re eligible for your first payment, you will receive an email asking for information on how where you to mail a check that will be made out to you). On the 25th of the month (or next business day), following the referrals you made that are eligible for payments, you will receive a check for any rewards you earned.

Once your first referral has been a paying customer of Status Advisors for the established timeframes, you will receive an email with a request for information on where to mail your payment. Once you receive the ‘Last Reminder’ email, you will have two more weeks to provide us with the requested information to get paid in the next payment cycle.

If you miss the time frame to provide your payment paperwork, you will experience a delay receiving your payment since your window for that month will have closed. However, you will still be able to get paid. Once you provide your address and requested information, your payment will be processed during the following month’s cycle.

Payments are processed on a monthly basis. If you did not receive a payment, you will likely receive it during next month’s payment cycle. Please Contact Us with additional details to verify the timing of your payment.

You will need to complete the W-9 tax form before receiving your reward check.