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    Referral Program

    Join the Status Advisors Referral Program.  As a reward for helping us grow, you receive a minimum of fifty dollars ($50) for each person that becomes a new customer.  As a gift to the person you referred, they’ll receive exclusive discounts and offers (valued at $50).

    Status Advisors gives individuals and businesses the tools to navigate the financial aspects of their daily lives.

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    – Your rewards will be mailed to you after a customer makes a purchase
    – The referral program is available to member exclusively through invite only

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    – Share the unique referral link you’ll receive in your welcome email
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    Receive $50 for every customer that makes a purchase.

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    Earn your rewards
    – After your referral makes a purchase with Status Advisors, you’ll earn for every new customer $50 (for an individual income tax return) or $150 (for either a business tax return or a business bookkeeping plan)
    – Earn additional benefits as you continue to refer

    Additional Detail
    – You’re rewarded for each referred customer that makes a purchase with Status Advisors.  Customers are grouped by the services they receive (i.e. two customers receiving one tax return)
    – Your referral reward will be based on the number of customers who have paid for the services they receive

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