Status Advisors Referral Program

Start Referring

4 Steps to help you start referring Status Advisors

  1. Improve your social profile: You will want to increase your network and grow relationships with your followers.
  2. Talk to your network: Whether you know someone who needs assistance with their income taxes or owns or is starting a business, Status Advisors could be the new solution they need. Now is your opportunity to share the benefits of Status Advisors with your peers, friends and family.
  3. Get organized: Start by reviewing the Basic Questions and Referral Tips PDFs. Take some time to plan out and prepare a presentation for each potential referral with questions, and possible solutions for their business needs.
  4. Share your unique Referral Code and promotional discounts: Let others know about Status Advisors and make it easy for them to sign up.
  • Social Media Toolkit
  • Email or Website Templates
  • Digital Buttons
  • One Page Summary Handout
  • Promotional Discount Redemption PDF

Social Media Tips

 As you post about Status Advisors on your social media channels, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Be sure to include your Referral Code so that you can get credit for people that receive services from Status Advisors.
  • Be creative in what you say, let it reflect how you feel about Status Advisors.
  • Look out for posts from Status Advisors in your social media channels. Use these as a basis for your posts.
  • Watch for Status Advisors promotional announcements.  These announcements could be the key to unlocking more referrals.
  • You can mention the discount to encourage people to use your link, but don’t post your promotional discounts publicly.  
  • Consider using your own images, but when using Status Advisors brand images (i.e. logos, icons) use those that have been provided by the program (i.e. emails, web pages to be forwarded).

1. Improve your social profile

How to reach out to your social network and refer Status Advisors

  1. Improve your social media profile
    1. Complete your social media profile with a trustworthy profile picture, description, summary and list of skills/keywords that will appeal to your network or businesses
    2. You can become familiar with the services we offer by visiting our homepage.  Only present or share services you are familiar with.  
  2. Become a thought leader
    1. Find and share high-quality information via your social channels
    2. Publish meaningful posts
    3. Engage and interact with insights
    4. Share your findings with potential referrals
    5. Tag and customize your message towards them directly
    6. Look into who is following or engaging with your posts in your community or groups
  3. Find the right people
    1. Use networking search tools to identify the right people, especially the right decision makers of a business
    2. Use your network to reach out and introduce you to the right people within a business
    3. Reach out to prospects at a convenient time and build a relationship
  4. Build relationships
    1. Keep your network alive by connecting with them on a regular basis
    2. Establish a relationship and trust with decision makers
    3. Create a connection with multiple decision makers and especially those at a senior level
    4. Increase and grow relationships with your followers. Who knows, they may become your next potential referral

2. Talk to your networks: Who could you refer?

Talk to your network: Whether you know an individual looking for assistance with their income taxes or someone who owns or is starting a business, Status Advisors could be the new solution they need. Now is your opportunity to share the benefits of Status Advisors with your peers, friends and family.  Status Advisors is a good fit for:

Individuals, small business owners and organizations that:

  • Work on-the-go and rely on mobile communication
  • Express frustration with their existing accounting systems or finance positions
  • Are looking for ways to improve their financial outlooks
  • Want to grow their business without spending time and money on expensive infrastructure or consultants 
  • Currently use an accountant and seems like they may be under served

Examples of people you can reach out to

  • Suppliers, vendors, partners, business networks
  • Friends, family, peers, personal networks

3. Get organized

1. Identify your next potential client with these tips
Find out how to identify opportunities and successfully convert them into referrals.


2. Boost your success rate with these basic questions
Understanding your referral’s pain points will make your recommendation more relevant.



4. Share your unique Referral Code and promotional discount

Unique Referral Code

Share your unique referral code across your social networks, websites and email signature.

Use our suggested write-ups as possibilities for what you could post on social media or in email.  Share your referral code to a digital button and add it to your email signature or on your website.

Explore best practices for promoting Status Advisors via social media, including text for different social networks.

Keep this social media toolkit handy so you can copy and tweak these ready-to-go posts.  Be sure to add your unique referral code to earn rewards for helping your contacts connect with Status Advisors.

Reach out to your network with these simple, customizable templates for email your website.  Simply insert your referral code and share.


One Page Summary

After meeting with your referral provide them with this One Page Handout that will provide them with more information about Status Advisors.

Promotional Discount Redemption PDFs

Share your promotional discount directly with your referral when they sign up with Status Advisors.  A win-win for both you and your referral.  By using your promotional discount at the time they sign up is one more way to guarantee that you will get paid for your referral AND provide them with your promotional discount for a free consultation.

Download the Promotional Discount Redemption PDF to share your code with your referral during your presentation.