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Find information about the program, as well as, news, resources, tips and tools to help you share about Status Advisors.

1. Get Started

Read more details about the Status Advisors Referral Program in the Program Guide and learn tips that will help you make successful referrals.

2. Latest Updates

Stay up to date with our recent announcements and service offerings

Follow the Status Advisors Facebook Page to participate in discussions and get access to content from us to share with your wider community.

3. Get Trained

To refer like a pro you should train like a pro

Review our service offerings to maximize your knowledge and learn how your referred customer can get the most out of Status Advisors for their personal or business situations.

4. Start Referring

Use these resources to help you refer Status Advisors and get rewarded

Check out these referral tool resources.  Be sure to share your promotions and unique Referral Code with your network to let others know about Status Advisors and make it easier for them to sign up.

5. Get Paid

Get ready for more than a "Thank you!"

Once your referral becomes a paid customer (either immediately or after 90 days for purchase of our bookkeeping plans), you’ll get more than that nice feeling for having helped a friend: you’re getting paid!

You should expect an email asking you to complete paperwork to begin the payment process.  For more details read the payment and promotion code FAQs.

Happy Sharing!


For common questions about the Referral Program, Terms and Conditions and more, check the full list of FAQs and other useful links.